Trip on Nyepi

7 Mar

Last Saturday, I, with my family went on a short trip to Semarang. We got there from Solo at 10.00 o’clock -I have to go to college before- and arrived at 1.30 p.m. Sounds long, eh? Yeah, the street was crowded -it’s Nyepi Day which means it’s national holiday- and we stopped by on Banaran Coffee in Ungaran, near Semarang. If anyone wanna know about Banaran Coffee, I’ll post it later.

We met my father’s high school friends and went around Semarang. We went to Universitas Diponegoro, too! Geez, I missed the moment when I was accepted on that college. Although I didn’t take it, but I felt so close when I went to Semarang. Perhaps, it’s just my excitement to that city. Yea, Universitas Diponegoro is the first college which I was accepted.

This is what I wore on last Saturday,


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