5 Fashion for Woman Things You Should Have

25 Mar

1. White Formal Shirt

You will use this shirt when you didn’t have much time to prepare yourself. Mix it with scarf (if it’s cold enough outside your room) or wear a pencil skirt. You can use it when you have an interview for your future job or other formal things. Just don’t buy a cheap one, because all of fashion things such as shirt, skirt, trousers, short, shoes and even a bag with the black or white color in it, if it’s cheap or bad-quality, it will looks as it seems.

2. Little Black Dress

You can’t never be wrong with little black dress when you go to a party. Don’t forget to put some bold accessories, or even a unique shoes. You will catch the people’s eye, ladies!

3. Trousers (both jeans and tailored-trousers)

Black and blue color has to be available! It can be mixed with any shirts. Formal shirt, casual t-shirt, anything you named it!

4. A Classic Bag

Where do you put your cellphone, wallet or even a face-paper? Yes, a classic bag is a must have one. Choose your favorite bag and long-last using. Don’t ever buy an imitate one if you just have one bag.

5. Flat Shoes

I always love flat shoes. Why? First, I am tall. Second, I can’t wear a high-heels. I should learn how to wear high-heels soon.


One Response to “5 Fashion for Woman Things You Should Have”

  1. Becky Regina April 27, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    I think I need to buy these things! šŸ˜€

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