Lack of anything…

25 Mar

I’m in a condition which I named as LACK. I was sitting on our family room, read a newspaper and found news about book-bomb, which has been being popular in abroad, but freshly known in Indonesia.

I’m surprised that I felt I didn’t hear any of that in my college (or maybe, I am the one who didn’t pay attention) and in my daily life. Yeah, I had a routine activity that leads to a boredom. I don’t get bored, but I thought I need more things to do. I get lack of news, lack of idea, lack of information, lack of… anything, I can’t describe all of that.

That happened for about 1 week and yesterday I told my friend, Sekar, on the way home that I want to have music course. Playing violin, a new things that I never did before. I get excited with violin since on Junior High School, because one of my friend is well-played on it. And, he is a BOY. He became one of the army flag on his school, then.

Yesterday, I also accompanied my sister to go to an English Course, and the front-officer offered me an English conversation course for Job-seekers. I actually may not use it for my main work but things that make me feel excited is, I’m going to learn something and having a new friends. And also, to make my English ability more fluently.

This time I called this week as an unproductive week, yeah because of that things, some problems, sickness and college tasks. But, I promise to myself to be more productive since now. Finger crossed!


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