Better late than never

7 May

As what I promised last week, I’d write the delayed posts this week. I’ve had my exam yesterday and it goes… tiring. Enough. What I learned about that is, we have to be well-prepared for everything. I know one proverb said, “Well preparation + Time = Chances”. I found that I was too lazy last week to study or any else. Well yes, I study but I thought it’s not enough.

Well, it’s yesterday.

This morning, I got BBM (Blackberry Messenger) with my junior high school-friend, Amalia. I told her about my dream, what I want to have in my life, and surprisingly, we both have same dream too!! I got so interested with my dream, and I never found my friend that have same interest with me, before. We talked a lot and in the end of our chat, she gave me enlightenment for my dream, for how to do it (yes, I got problem how to reach that).

This day, was I thought first would be an unproductive week, became productive from that chat. I also read Agnes Monica’s tagline for her life, “Dream, Believe and Make it happen”. Not only that, I got a lot of motivation to reach my dream from twitter. Rangga Umara, Hafizkrijal, Ali Akbar, Om Jaya from YEA and Farah Farce, a young business girl. They taught me how to dream, how to make it happen, and how to thanked Allah for that :’).

I was blessed. I am grateful for what I’ve had right now, Allah.


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