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Kate’s Style: Simple yet awesome.

10 Jun

Everyone must’ve known Kate Middleton, a wife of Prince William, the brides of royal wedding.

I know it’s too late for me to report her style, but I can’t stop to admire her style. I called her style as simple&awesome.

When I saw that spectacular wedding gown, my first thought about that is, “Doesn’t it look like a “kebaya”?” Kebaya is a traditional clothes came from Indonesia, usually wore in a wedding or any formal situation (like Kartini’s Day, graduation day and so on!).. just like this..

Designed by Sarah Burton (and Kate herself), this wedding dress was a combination of traditionality and modernity. Ivory lace and satin gown were perfectly made the dress looks beautiful. The long-sleeve form (I never predict before that Kate’s gonna makes it long-sleeve) gave a modest touch for the wedding.

Dressed again by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Kate wore a strapless white satin gown and a full-of-fur-cardigan for her reception in the evening at Buckingham’s Palace. With the diamante in her waist, it suddenly changes her gown became splendid.

The day after their wedding, Kate, with her simple style, had choose Zara for her dress and L K Bennett for her shoes.

I personally love this kind of style. Not try to look over-splendid, but her choice of that blue dress is simply makes me think that she actually have a great sense of style. It looks simple, but it also looks expensive. That’s what a socialite does.

Up this, is Kate’s style for work. She were walking for work in London. The tank top and bag were suits each other. I browse for her style often and found out that she loves wearing boots. Maybe it’s because the weather in London.. who knows? I’ve never been in London before :p

In my opinion, someone’s style can reveals his/her personality. Kate did this. She wore a not-too-luxurious dresses, which is, for me, is positive things. Why? Because it means, she is down-to-earth person and I personally think, William has made the right choice.


Erin Fetherston for Erin label

7 Jun

First resort collection by Erin Fetherston for her new label is mostly party dresses. With $350, you can take these dresses home.

Fetherston brought back a strapless “petal dress” with tiers of pleated ruffles that she created for her namesake line a few seasons back, but tweaked the materials to accommodate her new, lower price point. Other fun moments here included a navy silk shift that came with a pink “cascade” flourish and grosgrain ribbon strap, and a black drop-waist number with big bow loops made of horsehair attached to the skirt.

Her collection mostly classic-feminine, which is looks more simple and cute and also can be worn in all situation. This is the best choice if you want to go to party with classic theme!

Lazy Girly Weekend

7 May

Wildfox Couture printed top
60 GBP –

By Malene Birger silk blazer
$495 –

TopShop pink short
$55 –

ELIE SAAB heeled sandal
$599 –

Disney couture jewelry
30 GBP –

Patent leather bowler
$250 –

Lagray Crochet Butterfly Cardigan
$123 –

5 Fashion for Woman Things You Should Have

25 Mar

1. White Formal Shirt

You will use this shirt when you didn’t have much time to prepare yourself. Mix it with scarf (if it’s cold enough outside your room) or wear a pencil skirt. You can use it when you have an interview for your future job or other formal things. Just don’t buy a cheap one, because all of fashion things such as shirt, skirt, trousers, short, shoes and even a bag with the black or white color in it, if it’s cheap or bad-quality, it will looks as it seems.

2. Little Black Dress

You can’t never be wrong with little black dress when you go to a party. Don’t forget to put some bold accessories, or even a unique shoes. You will catch the people’s eye, ladies!

3. Trousers (both jeans and tailored-trousers)

Black and blue color has to be available! It can be mixed with any shirts. Formal shirt, casual t-shirt, anything you named it!

4. A Classic Bag

Where do you put your cellphone, wallet or even a face-paper? Yes, a classic bag is a must have one. Choose your favorite bag and long-last using. Don’t ever buy an imitate one if you just have one bag.

5. Flat Shoes

I always love flat shoes. Why? First, I am tall. Second, I can’t wear a high-heels. I should learn how to wear high-heels soon.

25 Mar

Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.

Coco chanel

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

22 Mar

I have no idea about things I’d written this week, so I searched about jewelry and I found this Tiffany & Co.’s charm. So lovable.

This heart is locked for you, sweet ❤


Sweet shoes

A bug’s life


14 Mar

Being in love with this kiddo. Her mom, Katie Cruise, definitely give her the cutest dress for kiddo ever!

Not a good quality photos one 😦 But, can I borrow your summer dress, Suri? 😉

A lovely white coat ever. Aaaa, Suri, this is the best!


Your style’s so stunning, baby. Will it still exist until you’re getting older? I hope so!