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Birthday Bash!

28 May

14th May 2011 was one of the best days in my life, ever! I should be in Malang, but I was not. That’s because on 15th May, I’d be a committee for my faculty project, Try Out SNMPTN. I thought that all of my family would go to Malang, so I arranged full schedule for that day (I’m trying to be busy :P).

Started from morning, Creamersss gave me a surprise party, and I cried! Hahaha. That was fun. When I arrived there, no one had come, so I waited for them. Dinda, Anto, Shelly came after me. Ifan and Puput were fought after they came because our task had not been done yet. That was just a trick, and finally Sekar and Ifan brought me a birthday cake! They sang me a “Happy Birthday” song, and my tears were come out of their way… They also gave me a cute teddy bear to accompany me whenever I feel sad or lonely.

All day long, my phone was ringing again and again. All of my friends gave me a “Happy Birthday” greetings and their wish for me. The wish that most of my friends prayed for me is, “Jangan galau lagi ya, Caca.” 🙂 That was so sweet :”) they knows me very well, and I’m on my way to fulfill their wish.

I was attending AMSA study club about OSCE in the afternoon. Dio, Icha, Stella, Mbak Maytia, Mbak Iput, Mira, Kevin, Yessi, Debora, Fani and all of my friends which I can’t mention one by one, they gave me Happy Birthday greetings too, and they sang along too! :’)

Surprise was also made by my play-friends. They sang Happy Birthday to me from the main stage (I was walking from the front door), and all of people who stays there gave me an applause and sang Happy Birthday too. Sekar, Rachma, Stella, Yonisa, Aryo, Rama… they sang to me. And yes, my BEM president, Kak Gerry was there, and… I am speechless. Oh My God, I never expect kind of birthday like this. I was enlightened by them. Thanks God :”)

My mum was the first person that gave me greetings and wishes, and then my father. And the last were Dio and Via (I met them at night, when I arrived home). They gave me a Nikon SLR camera D3100, which I wanted for about 2.5 years. My dad said that when I was 15, I didn’t really need it. And yes, that was the birthday gift which was bought from a week before my birthday.

Family gift

I thanked God, and them for giving me a super nice birthday. I know they are beside me. That just me who blinded, when I feel sad, that I am alone. Super thanks for all of you. I love you. :”)


Dad’s Birthday

21 May

I know it’s been 3 months since my dad’s birthday. But, let me to post photos of family on my dad’s birthday, please 🙂

My dad’s birthday was on 28th February and we celebrated it on March, on the saturday night. We went to Soga, an antique-restorant, part of House of Danarhadi.

This is like a welcome-drink when we arrived in the hotel.

Could we named it as welcome snack?

Soga, with their old-fashion style became one of choice when you had a guest (especially from abroad) to have dinner or lunch here. It’s food is also not bad, it’s well-taste and we didn’t feel any uncomfortable things there. They also have a piano 😀 (so you can sing along with your family and relatives there, hehe :D)

Too bad, the photos of it was on my mom’s phone 😦 I’ll post it whenever I have time.

Once again, happy birthday Daddyyy 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

Better late than never

7 May

As what I promised last week, I’d write the delayed posts this week. I’ve had my exam yesterday and it goes… tiring. Enough. What I learned about that is, we have to be well-prepared for everything. I know one proverb said, “Well preparation + Time = Chances”. I found that I was too lazy last week to study or any else. Well yes, I study but I thought it’s not enough.

Well, it’s yesterday.

This morning, I got BBM (Blackberry Messenger) with my junior high school-friend, Amalia. I told her about my dream, what I want to have in my life, and surprisingly, we both have same dream too!! I got so interested with my dream, and I never found my friend that have same interest with me, before. We talked a lot and in the end of our chat, she gave me enlightenment for my dream, for how to do it (yes, I got problem how to reach that).

This day, was I thought first would be an unproductive week, became productive from that chat. I also read Agnes Monica’s tagline for her life, “Dream, Believe and Make it happen”. Not only that, I got a lot of motivation to reach my dream from twitter. Rangga Umara, Hafizkrijal, Ali Akbar, Om Jaya from YEA and Farah Farce, a young business girl. They taught me how to dream, how to make it happen, and how to thanked Allah for that :’).

I was blessed. I am grateful for what I’ve had right now, Allah.

New Post after long time not post anything…

1 May

Helloooooo, readers! Back with me, Acha!

Geez, I’m missing blogging sooo much! I think it’s been a month since my last post. Well ya, my netbook was being repaired, and I was thinking about… “Why don’t I sell it instead of repair it? Moreover, I wanna have new netbook which is good both design and for use ;)” So, I sold it and I bought a new laptoooop! (I promise I’ll give you the pict soon!) His name is Eyi, sounds good, eh? 😉

I came to a computer shop near my house and then I told the seller about the specifications of the laptop that I want. Lucky me, there’s just ONE laptop which suits on me. I love the design, too. It’s cute, it’s white and it’s soooo girly ❤

There’s a lot of things that I want to share to you. Ah ya, I’m forgot to tell this. I rearranged my blog about a week ago, I merged it with my own blog, so I will post about my life now too, here 🙂 I hope you won’t get annoyed, hehe! I owe you 5 (+5) posts, I think. I will post it soon, I have a lot of story to tell! Hihihii…

Hope to see you soon, readers


5 years from now…

12 Mar

“Now, write on a piece of paper, what will you be in 5 years from now!” said Kak Bio, when I attend Gyrus seminar.

Gyrus seminar held by the executive board (also known as BEM) of my faculty, Medicine Faculty of Sebelas Maret University, for orientation program. The seminar was about how to have an entrepreneurship in daily life.

I remembered, I wrote that in 5 years, I will be a good doctor. That’s just the main thing that poops out in my mind. But now, I already have plans for my life for 5 years later.

Now, besides being a good medical student, I tried for being a ghostwriter. What is that? So, the ghostwriter is someone who writes an article for others without put her names on it. Being a ghostwriter for me, is fun. Because I love writing and from writing an article, I can get new knowledge.

I joined fiverr 3 months ago (on January), when I was on holiday, and got nothing to do. The gigs I offered is write an article, write a review of blogs, design CD cover, and create a greeting cards. It goes well, although not every weeks I got an order. Why do I want to have jobs like that? Personally, I want to save my money, for create a movie box.

I also create a fashion blog and a health and business blog. Both of them are my passion, so I started to write about it.

And last of all, for this time, I wanna have an online shop. So, it sells camera (I love it so much!), dvd and cd, and pulse voucher. I hope that some day, I’d have a fashion brand, movie box (just like Blitz Megaplex and Grand21) and hospital 😛

So, in 5 years from now, I hope I’d reach this all…

  1. I will have enough money for having movie box.
  2. My shop goes well.
  3. Being a member of a national (or international? maybe!) leadership group (entrepreneurship and medical, I’d love to!)
  4. Being known-able for fashion bloggers, medical bloggers, and also this blog owner ❤
  5. Being a champion of a business / science contests.

Sounds hard? I hope it’s not hard to catch. Pray for me, would you? 😉

Trip on Nyepi

7 Mar

Last Saturday, I, with my family went on a short trip to Semarang. We got there from Solo at 10.00 o’clock -I have to go to college before- and arrived at 1.30 p.m. Sounds long, eh? Yeah, the street was crowded -it’s Nyepi Day which means it’s national holiday- and we stopped by on Banaran Coffee in Ungaran, near Semarang. If anyone wanna know about Banaran Coffee, I’ll post it later.

We met my father’s high school friends and went around Semarang. We went to Universitas Diponegoro, too! Geez, I missed the moment when I was accepted on that college. Although I didn’t take it, but I felt so close when I went to Semarang. Perhaps, it’s just my excitement to that city. Yea, Universitas Diponegoro is the first college which I was accepted.

This is what I wore on last Saturday,