Better late than never

7 May

As what I promised last week, I’d write the delayed posts this week. I’ve had my exam yesterday and it goes… tiring. Enough. What I learned about that is, we have to be well-prepared for everything. I know one proverb said, “Well preparation + Time = Chances”. I found that I was too lazy last week to study or any else. Well yes, I study but I thought it’s not enough.

Well, it’s yesterday.

This morning, I got BBM (Blackberry Messenger) with my junior high school-friend, Amalia. I told her about my dream, what I want to have in my life, and surprisingly, we both have same dream too!! I got so interested with my dream, and I never found my friend that have same interest with me, before. We talked a lot and in the end of our chat, she gave me enlightenment for my dream, for how to do it (yes, I got problem how to reach that).

This day, was I thought first would be an unproductive week, became productive from that chat. I also read Agnes Monica’s tagline for her life, “Dream, Believe and Make it happen”. Not only that, I got a lot of motivation to reach my dream from twitter. Rangga Umara, Hafizkrijal, Ali Akbar, Om Jaya from YEA and Farah Farce, a young business girl. They taught me how to dream, how to make it happen, and how to thanked Allah for that :’).

I was blessed. I am grateful for what I’ve had right now, Allah.


New Post after long time not post anything…

1 May

Helloooooo, readers! Back with me, Acha!

Geez, I’m missing blogging sooo much! I think it’s been a month since my last post. Well ya, my netbook was being repaired, and I was thinking about… “Why don’t I sell it instead of repair it? Moreover, I wanna have new netbook which is good both design and for use ;)” So, I sold it and I bought a new laptoooop! (I promise I’ll give you the pict soon!) His name is Eyi, sounds good, eh? 😉

I came to a computer shop near my house and then I told the seller about the specifications of the laptop that I want. Lucky me, there’s just ONE laptop which suits on me. I love the design, too. It’s cute, it’s white and it’s soooo girly ❤

There’s a lot of things that I want to share to you. Ah ya, I’m forgot to tell this. I rearranged my blog about a week ago, I merged it with my own blog, so I will post about my life now too, here 🙂 I hope you won’t get annoyed, hehe! I owe you 5 (+5) posts, I think. I will post it soon, I have a lot of story to tell! Hihihii…

Hope to see you soon, readers


5 Fashion for Woman Things You Should Have

25 Mar

1. White Formal Shirt

You will use this shirt when you didn’t have much time to prepare yourself. Mix it with scarf (if it’s cold enough outside your room) or wear a pencil skirt. You can use it when you have an interview for your future job or other formal things. Just don’t buy a cheap one, because all of fashion things such as shirt, skirt, trousers, short, shoes and even a bag with the black or white color in it, if it’s cheap or bad-quality, it will looks as it seems.

2. Little Black Dress

You can’t never be wrong with little black dress when you go to a party. Don’t forget to put some bold accessories, or even a unique shoes. You will catch the people’s eye, ladies!

3. Trousers (both jeans and tailored-trousers)

Black and blue color has to be available! It can be mixed with any shirts. Formal shirt, casual t-shirt, anything you named it!

4. A Classic Bag

Where do you put your cellphone, wallet or even a face-paper? Yes, a classic bag is a must have one. Choose your favorite bag and long-last using. Don’t ever buy an imitate one if you just have one bag.

5. Flat Shoes

I always love flat shoes. Why? First, I am tall. Second, I can’t wear a high-heels. I should learn how to wear high-heels soon.

25 Mar

Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.

Coco chanel

Lack of anything…

25 Mar

I’m in a condition which I named as LACK. I was sitting on our family room, read a newspaper and found news about book-bomb, which has been being popular in abroad, but freshly known in Indonesia.

I’m surprised that I felt I didn’t hear any of that in my college (or maybe, I am the one who didn’t pay attention) and in my daily life. Yeah, I had a routine activity that leads to a boredom. I don’t get bored, but I thought I need more things to do. I get lack of news, lack of idea, lack of information, lack of… anything, I can’t describe all of that.

That happened for about 1 week and yesterday I told my friend, Sekar, on the way home that I want to have music course. Playing violin, a new things that I never did before. I get excited with violin since on Junior High School, because one of my friend is well-played on it. And, he is a BOY. He became one of the army flag on his school, then.

Yesterday, I also accompanied my sister to go to an English Course, and the front-officer offered me an English conversation course for Job-seekers. I actually may not use it for my main work but things that make me feel excited is, I’m going to learn something and having a new friends. And also, to make my English ability more fluently.

This time I called this week as an unproductive week, yeah because of that things, some problems, sickness and college tasks. But, I promise to myself to be more productive since now. Finger crossed!

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

22 Mar

I have no idea about things I’d written this week, so I searched about jewelry and I found this Tiffany & Co.’s charm. So lovable.

This heart is locked for you, sweet ❤


Sweet shoes

A bug’s life


18 Mar
Pak Mario,
mengapa aku belum ketemu jodoh?

Ijinkan aku bertanya ya?

…Apakah engkau anggun dalam kemarahanmu,
lebih mendahulukan kegembiraan orang lain
daripada keinginanmu untuk diperhatikan,
mementingkan masa depan yang baik
daripada kesenangan sementara,
apakah engkau setia?

Apakah engkau akan memuliakannya
atau hanya melukainya?

Hmm … sesungguhnya hatimu tahu.

Mario Teguh | Love and Relationship

Adikku yang merindukan belahan jiwamu,

Kualitas yang terpenting bukan pada orang
yang kau harapkan menjadi belahan jiwa,
tapi padamu yang akan jatuh cinta kepadanya.

Jika engkau tidak membeningkan hati,
menjernihkan pikiran,
dan tidak mengindahkan perilakumu;
engkau akan mudah jatuh cinta
kepada pribadi yang akan mengecewakanmu.

Belahan jiwamu hanya seindah jiwamu.

Mario Teguh | Indahkanlah Jiwamu